Corrigan makes relocating for work easy!

Whether you’ve landed a new job or have received a promotion, congratulations are in order! You have done the hard part of deciding to move for your work and now it’s time to leave the particulars of moving to the specialists at Corrigan. Our expertly trained team is experienced with most corporate relocation benefit packages and, because you are a corporate transferee, we’ll refer to your benefits, assess your specifics and propose moving services that are within your allotted budget. At Corrigan, we believe in doing what is best for our clients which is why we make corporate relocations as easy as 1, 2, 3.

What to expect when moving for a job?

Employee benefits come in all shapes and sizes. Your Human Resources will give you the details of your relocation package and first steps. Depending on your personal level of benefits, you’ll be directed to a specific service provider, or you could be expected to pick a mover of your choice. Regardless, Corrigan’s experienced team will be there, helping you during each phase of the way.


Your Home Survey

The full cost of your relocation is based on the total weight and total distance, a home survey is needed to estimate the weight of your shipment. At the move survey, you will show a professional moving representative throughout your house and out-buildings, identifying what will be included in your move. You will be asked to open doors, cabinets, attics as well as look under beds for items that are easily missed!

*Virtual home surveys have vastly become the primary form of doing a home survey for our corporate relocation customers. Regardless, in-home surveys with a professional moving representative are still a choice.


Reviewing the Quote & Refining Moving Needs

After doing your move survey, you’ll be provided a moving estimate. Corrigan’s relocation consultant will be able to discuss the estimate in detail and provide choices for keeping costs within your allowed corporate relocation budget.

A couple items to consider when refining your moving needs to lower the cost of your relocation:

  1. You can reduce the gross price by packing your own things, or, lowering the amount of packing to include just the delicate things.
  2. Did you include belongings that you don’t need anymore? Giving away or selling things that are no longer useful will bring down the weight, extend your relocation budget, and declutter unused items in your new house.
  3. Are your moving dates flexible? If there is flexibility in your schedule and you are able to adjust your dates earlier or later; you might see a reduction in cost. Make sure to let your move representative know if your dates are fixed.

Your move coordinator will work with you to determine a customized moving package that matches your specific moving needs and stays within your specified budget. Our experience relocating corporate transferees gives you access to the industries’ most informed and veteran experts ready with an array of custom moving packages.


Your Move

Once the details are settled and your relocation is booked, you will be assigned a personal move coordinator[[. This person will offer support through each stage of your move. They will make sure you have the info you need, when you need to know it and will continue to be a resource for any questions, issues, or modifications you have to your move program.

Your personal move coordinator will stay in touch at key moments to provide essential information about your relocation and keep you versed. Between confirming your move with Corrigan Moving and move day, you will receive info covering:

As your single point of contact, we ask our corporate customers to get in touch with your move coordinators at any time through the move process.

Delivery & Getting Settled

Before delivery, your move coordinator will continue to talk with you, establishing final dates, times and getting you ready for what to expect upon delivery. You’ll be told essential information about the paperwork to expect, your roll in the delivery process and more.

When delivery is completed, you will have a follow-up phone call or email from your move coordinator including a reminder to fill out our customer survey. And, if needed, your move coordinator will help you through the initial process for filing a claim.

At Corrigan, we are proud of the jobs we do. With our specially trained and knowledgeable teams, we make sure each corporate relocation we do is entirely with the integrity of doing the right thing for our client. If you’re a corporate transferee with an upcoming relocation, get in touch today and move with the best – select Corrigan.

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