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Regardless if you are relocating a house or a business, there will usually be oversized and bulky furniture to move. This is why you want to collaborate a relocation company that supplies furniture installation services. You also need your mover to have comprehensive knowledge, a sterling character, and a top trained workforce. Corrigan Moving checks all these qualifications and many more.

With our help, you won’t need to be anxious about your furniture installation and construction, as we will manage it for you . Get a complimentary estimate today and initiate your move in the best possible way!

Furniture installation simplified

Although our installation solutions are obtainable to any move format, it’s business moves that profit most from them. There is a ton that goes into commercial moves, after all. You require a mover to help you streamline packing, storage, disassembly, and set up at your new location. Corrigan Moving can accomplish all these services for you, guaranteeing that you can commence conducting business in the least amount of time. Our crews will provide you with the contentment that comes with knowing that your new premises will be set up the right way, the first time. This will remove much of the anxiety that comes with relocating to a new location and deliver you with the necessary assistance to return to business.

Here's what you can expect from our installation & disassembly services:

We fully know that every relocation is special. That is why our crews will work with you to construct the top possible moving plan, allowing you to lessen the time it takes for you to begin doing business again.

Unrivaled training and experience

Our company traces its origin all the way back to 1929 when our founder Frank The Chief Corrigan began helping individuals move. In those years, all we had were a few ice delivery trucks, wonderful ambition, and unbreakable ethics. Though we’ve upgraded past the ice delivery trucks long ago, our principles and drive to be the finest movers in the United States lingered. Our founder instilled in us with a basic principle: Always do the right thing! and we honor it to this day.

In our nearly century of operation, we’ve discovered nearly everything that the moving industry has to offer. We've conducted all types of relocations, small and big, to the total contentment of our clients. But our expertise is only a single part of what creates Corrigan Moving a pillar in the moving industry. The true reason why we have won so many moving accolades is because of how we train our staff.

When you hire us to assist you with furniture installation, you’re receiving an extremely experienced crew. We instruct our relocation employees ourselves and have constructed a custom instructional facility for the reason. It is our opinion that you simply cannot do the right thing if you do not know how to handle it after all. That’s why, before any one of our employees gets close to any systems furniture section that belongs to our customers, they’ll already have disassembled and assembled dozens of similar items. This education and experience enables our employees to be exceedingly systematic in what they do. And, it optimizes the safety of your furniture items, which is what legitimate moving deserves.

Relocation services for any occasion

You can select our furniture installation services as a portion of a home or commercial moving suite, or on their own. The important item is that you have access to almost any relocation service if you need it. Depending on the relocation type, you may want to research business moving solutions to enhance your furniture installation. No matter what your move needs, you can have confidence in Corrigan Moving to help you with it. Presented are a few of the offerings that we can provide for you:

At Corrigan Moving, we pride ourselves on being prepared to supply a offering for any relocation, no matter the depth, size, or challenge. Our "backyard" is the state of Michigan, however we can supply relocation services across the world. With our network, familiarity, craftsmanship, and comprehension, there is no relocation that we cannot manage!

We also know that each move is unique, which is why our strategy experts will partner closely with you to build a strategy that fulfills your requirements . You will have partner with top experts in the business, experts that can provide you with experiences that can reduce your relocation costs, help you restart operations faster, and much more.

Move without any concerns with Corrigan Moving!

If you are searching for a relocation company to handle furniture installation for you, a business that you can depend on for any moving service, one that has nearly 100 years of experience in the moving business and educates their employees the best, there is only one answer: Corrigan Moving. We will help you achieve a smooth, stress-free, efficient relocation process. Contact us today and learn why we’re respected as the top solution for your furniture installation needs!

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