Corrigan Academy

Corrigan fully believes that our ability to continue to elevate the moving experience is based on our capability to attract, train, and keep the best in the business. We are able to do this in large part through the Corrigan Academy, a comprehensive program that educates on all topics – from moving skills and operations to customer service and paperwork – to give our customers the craftsmanship that the Corrigan name represents.

When it comes to a customer’s home or place of business and their possessions, we are the trusted source. Each member of our team completes a complete background check. We’ve also built a state-of-the-art moving studio within our building to make sure our staff are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to help our customers through the moving process prior to entering the field. Our whole crew of skilled, highly-trained and dedicated staff is continuously raising the industry standard.

Comprehensive, hands-on training

All new movers complete a hands-on training session at the Kathleen Corrigan Training center, which covers the necessary techniques of the moving industry prior to going out to a customer’s home. Several more classes are offered to our movers through the Corrigan Academy, including packing training, international moving training, crew leader training, and CDL-A driving training. No other mover gives their employees the level of hands-on training that the Corrigan Academy offers.


Some of the trainings that are available through Corrigan Academy:

  • Basic training
  • Advanced Mover Training
  • Packing Training
  • Crew Leader Training
  • International Training
  • Vaulting Training
  • Installer Training
  • Chauffeur Driver Training
  • CDL-A Driver Training


In-House CDL-A Training

One of the highlights of the Corrigan Academy is our in-house CDL-A Driver Training program. Although a nationwide driver-shortage has been an issue in the transportation industry for years, Corrigan has created a program to reduce this problem. By training and promoting current employees, we not only have more CDL-A drivers on staff to service our clients, but we additionally are able to provide a lifelong skill to a deserving person.

Corrigan is proud of our dedication to offering the highest quality training to our employees. Through Corrigan Academy we are able to constantly deliver the best service to our customers and invest in the next generation of movers and drivers.

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