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Transporting your assembly line or any industrial equipment is a sizable project. In addition to the logistical aspects involved in your plan, you need to secure access to dependable handling expertise and the best equipment for a careful and efficient move. Implementing a comprehensive strategy of the whole move down to the final placement of your industrial equipment is necessary for reducing operational downtime. Partnering with qualified industrial movers is the key to the successful completion of your move. At Corrigan Moving we have a history as one of the best industrial movers on a national level. Reach out now for your customized moving blueprint!

Why trust your project to Corrigan Moving over other industrial movers?

Specialized industrial equipment requires specialized handling for a successful move. If you are seeking professional heavy machinery movers, Corrigan Moving provides the most consistent industrial moving solutions, customized to your specific requirements.

To begin, our heritage dates all the way back to 1929. For more than 90 years we have been honing the techniques of moving taking every detail into account. During the years of craftsmanship and dedication to our customers’ relocation wants and end-of-the-day satisfaction, we’ve demonstrated our name as a leader in our market.

As a family company, logistics & moving are our family history. 90+ years since our modest beginnings, our innovative energy continues, and we offer the most cost effective industrial moving solutions in the Bay City area. Corrigan Moving will handle every one of your specific location demands with skill and reliability, second to none. Contact us now!


Our skilled crew of industrial movers will manage the installation of your assets

At Corrigan Moving we deliver end-to-end assistance to handle all segments of your transfer, and specialists of heavy machinery. Our team is capable of disassemble and reinstall industrial equipment. With us|Corrigan, you are getting all services required for the conclusion of your move.


We are specialists at managing heavy and oversized industrial equipment

Corrigan Moving offers a global freight forwarding of air and sea cargo. No matter how near or far you need to ship your heavy industrial equipment, we will adapt to your distinct needs, and execute your project with punctuality.Corrigan Air and Sea Cargo is a specialized department of Corrigan Moving providing effective solutions for industrial equipment.

With our drive-through crane bay, we can expertly transport even the most oversized equipment. It has a lift capacity of 160,000 lbs, and a hook-to-hook span of 70 feet. We are equipped to take care of your most specialized heavy cargo.

We are skilled at providing expert bespoke protection with superior quality materials that meets all international shipping standards. Regardless of whether you are seeking movers of industrial equipment to transfer your assets domestically or overseas, Corrigan Moving has the technical capacity and knowledge to provide you the consistent assistance you need. Talk to us now and initiate crafting the most efficient relocation plan with the finest heavy machinery movers Bay City has to over!


Benefit from our comprehensive offerings of personalized moving solutions for all types of businesses

There’s essentially not a single moving scenario that we at Corrigan Moving cannot take care of with top-notch quality. Our logistics and moving services encompass all areas of the moving process, and we have the technical capacity and highly trained crews to complete your pending move regardless of its industry or scope.

With our commercial moving services, we deliver these solutions:

Our experienced staff of industrial movers knowledgeable to handle and securely transport your heavy machinery. Corrigan Moving operates a veteran workforce of movers who will ship your products with attentiveness.

We offer personalized relocation plans for all your moving needs. We offer a wide range of quote options to fit your budget expectations. Reach out for your shipping quote today! Team up with Corrigan Moving, and relocate your industrial equipment with optimal benefits for your organization!


Our client base is broad, thus, we deliver high quality industry solutions suitable for nearly all industries of companies.

Count on our industrial equipment movers to provide you white-glove services. With Corrigan Moving you can make sure that you are making the best choice in a moving and logistics vendor for any industry:

Select the best industrial movers today – Call Corrigan Moving

Industrial equipment is a big investment for your business. When moving it, you can’t afford to take lightly the decision of industrial moving partner. After all, the experience and knowledge of the industrial movers you choose to partner with will determine the success of your project. Choose the top-tier, and work with Corrigan Moving! Get in touch with us now and select effectiveness and reliability unparalleled in the industry

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